Boston Airbnb 
​Regulation Guide

Local Experts in all things permits and registration of your short term (Airbnb) rental. Contact us today for a free consultation to see if your property qualifies in Boston or Cambridge!

Step One: Schedule A Free Consultation

Navigating the regulations can be a daunting task. Schedule a free consultation to see if your property qualifies as a furnished short term rental!

Step Two: Learn About Earning Potential ​

​Wondering how much your property can make? After your free consultation, we’ll send you our expertly prepared rental projections.

Step Three: Working With Us​; From Pre-Purchasing Through Daily Management

We can help you from pre-purchasing all the way past closing! Using our in house brokerage we can pinpoint permittable winning properties, we can provide earning potential, we can consult on furnishing the property, and finally we can manage the property for a small management fee!

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